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Padise Endurance Festival V

Our riders successfully finished international and national competitions at Padise Endurance Festival V.

For distance of CEI3* 160 km:
Albert Karmov on BALTAZAR EL INDALO – 1st place at 16.37 km/h.

For distance of CEN 80 km:
Stiven Savin on COAT MERRET ARVOR – 1st place at 13.26 km/h.
Elis Aksli on RED BULL AL KARBID – 2nd place at 13.26 km/h.
Anna Kalinina on BLUEENN DU PORJOU – 3rd place at 13.10 km/h.
Olga Maksimenko on KASSANDRA DE LAM – 4th place at 13.10 km/h.

For distance of CEN 50 km:
Jogaile Develyte on PIAZO – 3rd place at 11.39 km/h.
Vasilina Savinova on AE EGYPTIAN ALIYY JAMIL OX – 4th place at 11.39 km/h.