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JS Endurance TeamĀ founded in May 2016.

At the moment, our club has more than 30 members and more than 20 horses participating in competitions around the world.

A bit of background …

“In September 2012, I saw an article about the endurance riding. At that time I had never even gone horse riding in my life, but I love horses from the moment I remember myself, I always drew horses in my childhood and dreamed of riding over open spaces.

It was hard, it was scary, but my motto for life is “everything impossible is possible.” And my boundless self-belief and fighting spirit never allowed me to give up. Only forward!

In 2014 I passed all national qualifications, in 2015 there were 15 international rides. With this experience and knowledge, I rode to my success, but at some point I realized that success alone is not a complete success.

The true victory and happiness, when you can share the joy of victory with your team! That’s the idea to create my own team – JS Endurance Team.”

– Jelena Sbitneva